Wireless Bands

ClearComm Technologies, LLC is a leading manufacturer of Combiners, Filters, and Duplexers for Wireless Service Providers.

The mission of ClearComm Technologies is to help our customers dramatically improve their performance and system metrics by providing a reliable source of filter solutions.

Our goal is to be your supplier of choice by providing innovative technical solutions and superior service.

850 In Band Combiners

ClearComm offers low loss Combining solutions for 850 A Band 5x5 MHz, 850 B Band 5x5 MHz and 850 A/B Band 10x10 MHz. These Combiners are fully weatherized and are available with a number of Connector / Mounting options. Contact ClearComm for further information on these products

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FirstNet PIM / Interference Filters

ClearComm's models CCRF-251 and 252 offer close-in rejection for PIM and Interference hunting

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