Wireless Bands

About ClearComm


ClearComm Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures custom designed Filter and Combiner products for Wireless Service Providers. The mission of ClearComm Technologies is to help our customers dramatically improve their performance and system metrics by providing a reliable source of filter solutions.  Our Design and Manufacturing teams apply knowledge of RF technology, proprietary manufacturing techniques and advanced design practices to reduce lead times and manufacturing costs.  All ClearComm products are manufactured in the United States.

ClearComm's products provide:

Efficient migration to next generation networks

  • Cost-effective means of adding LTE to existing bands by Low Loss Combining
  • Solutions for iDEN/ Public Safety interference issues
  • DAS Interfaces for LTE, 850 and 1900 Bands

Enhancing Legacy Networks

  • Better utilization of existing bandwidth.
  • Solutions for Combining sub-bands of existing spectrum

Our goal is to be the supplier of choice by providing technical solutions and superior service to our customers.


Our senior level staff at ClearComm Technologies has over 75 years experience in the marketing, design and manufacturing of filter products. We believe in working closely on the design side with the customer to achieve their ultimate goals.


Our Sales and Marketing staff is dedicated to providing timely information and support to our customers. We work closely with our Management, Engineering and Production teams to provide fast and accurate responses.
ClearComm utilizes a direct sales force with offices in Maryland and California. You will deal directly with a factory representative to assure that you receive information quickly and accurately.


Our product line consists of Cavity and Ceramic Waveguide Filters. Our cavity filter products include Transmit and Receive Filters as well as Duplexers, Diplexers and Combiners covering the common wireless bands.  Many of our designs for High Q Cavity filters and filter based assemblies utilize “cross coupled" or “pole placed" technology. These products feature high selectivity, low loss, and smaller size than conventional designs. For high power applications, designed are optimized for Power Handling and IM performance.


ClearComm Technologies designs, develops and manufactures all of our products in the United States.  We utilize continuous flow manufacturing techniques that provide a high degree of precision, repeatability and quality. The use of detailed work flow instructions, and mechanical fixturing provide highly repeatable assemblies, which in turn require less tuning and alignment and provide for consistent achievement of design parameters. As a result we are able to continuously improve product performance and reduce cost through value analysis and manufacturing friendly designs. An ongoing commitment to providing customers with the right products on time and on budget drives our continuous improvement efforts.


Our continuing investment in facilities, equipment, and processes keeps ClearComm Technologies at the forefront of innovation and new product development. We are located in a modern, 30,000 square foot facility in on the eastern Shore of Maryland. Our facility is optimized to handle high volume production requirements as well as small quantity runs. Assembly lines are in place to handle the work flow associated with large volume production. For smaller jobs, we utilize work cells and our in house machining capabilities to keep lead times to a minimum.


ClearComm Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable products possible. We will meet and exceed our customer's expectations by designing for excellence in products and in processes. Realization of these goals will be achieved through a process of continuous improvement at all levels of our organization. We recognize that people are our most important resource. This goal will only be achieved by the participation of all ClearComm employees.


ClearComm Technologies utilizes an internal quality system that meets the requirements of the ISO9001 certification for Quality Assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing functions. The ISO9001 standard is a quality system standard recognized worldwide as a measure of an organization's ability to efficiently and consistently execute its key operational processes.

The quality system model employed by ClearComm provides a comprehensive contractual guide for the developing, documenting and maintaining quality processes throughout the product cycle including design, development and production.


ClearComm offers our customers a means to recycle our products that are being decommissioned or no longer deployed.  We provide an environmentally responsible method to recycle these components by having them returned to our factory and disassembled.  Contact our Sales department at (410) 860-0500 or via email at sales@clearcommtech.com.


Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the application specific requirements of our customers. Many customers require products that are RoHS compliant. ClearComm Technologies now offers RoHS compliant products. Compliance with RoHS standards is part of our commitment to the manufacture of electrically and mechanically superior, as well as environmentally friendly products. Compliance is based on our supplier based information upon request.

RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) Declaration

All products manufactured by ClearComm Technologies that are designated as RoHS compliant, meet the requirements for compliance to the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive set for by the European Union.

Please contact the factory for compliance certificates. Requests may be directed to the Sales or Quality departments at (410) 860-0500 or via email at support@clearcommtech.com.