Wireless Bands


Products for 3.5 and 5.8 GHz Bands

Products for CPRS and LAA Bands

ClearComm offers Filters and RF Components cover the CBRS and LAA Bands.

  • Low Loss Filters and Duplexers
  • Multiband Combiners
  • Hybrids, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4
  • Unequal Dividers (Tappers)
  • Low PIM Terminations

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FirstNet PIM / Interference Filters

FirstNet filters for PIM and Interference Testing.

ClearComm's models CCRF-251 and 252 offer close-in rejection for PIM and Interference hunting. 

The CCRF-251 covers 698 to 716 MHz while offering 30 dB rejection just 2 MHz from the bandedges.

The CCRF-252 covers 776-798 MHz while offering 30 dB rejection just 2 MHz from the bandedges


filter 698-716 mhz - ccrf-251.pdf
filter 776-798 mhz - ccrf-252.pdf

Using 4.3/10.0 MiniDIN Connectors?

Mini-DIN Products

ClearComm Technologies now offers "Mini-DIN" connectors, 4.1-9.5 DIN, on our Low PIM products high performance requirements of demanding cellular base stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell applications.

The 4.3/10.0  MiniDIN connectors have been designed to match the performance of the 7-16 DIN connectors, but with smaller dimensions comparable to the N-Type connector. The smaller screw-on size and weather resistance allows design-and-installation flexibility for medium to high power indoor/outdoor applications. The 4.3/10.0 DIN connectors also offer low VSWR and low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) for frequencies up to 3 GHz.

These low PIM Mini-DIN connectors are available on our Hybrids, Terminations, Cuplers, DAS Interface (POI) Trays, Combiner Trays, and Low PIM jumper cables. Other connectors available include N-Type, 7-16 DIN, and SMA connectors.

Please contact the factory for the latest pricing and availability

ClearComm Model Numbers Explained

We are often asked what our model numbers designate.  So, here is a brief explanation of our model numbering system:

Example Model# CCFA-433-1W-DCP21
CCDP = Duplexer or Diplexer
CCRF = Receive Filter
CCTF = Transmit Filter
CCCF = Generic Filter, may be Rx or Tx
CCFA = Filter Assembly

Example Model# CCFA-433-1W-DCP21
433 = Sequential number in series

Example Model# CCFA-433-1W-DCP21
Connector Code
Empty or ‘N’ = Type ‘N’ Female
‘1’ = 7/16 DIN Female
‘1MD’ = 4195 Mini DIN

Rare options are SMA Female

Example Model# CCFA-433-1W-DCP21
Blank = Indoor use only
‘W’ = Outdoor Rated to IP68

Example Model# CCFA-433-1W-DCP21
DC Pass Thru
Blank = No DC Pass Through, provides DC Short
‘DCP’ = DC Pass
7,8,19 or 21 = Indicates the ports that provide a DC Pass i.e. 700, 850, 1900 or 2100 MHz. May be multiple ports such as 819 or 1921

Passive Intermod Testing

ClearComm Technologies is committed to offering products with the highest levels of performance at reasonable prices.  Low levels of Passive Intermod Products are critical to the performance of today's networks.  The file attached describes ClearComm's PIM testing techniques and offers some insights into our low PIM designs.


clearcomm intermod testing.pdf

DAS Interface Trays

ClearComm is now shipping DAS Interfaces for 700, 850, 1900 and 2100 Bands.  We offer a number of unique options including variable attenuation for both Tx and Rx channels, Tx/Tx Combining and Multiple Band Combining.

Contact sales@clearcommtech.com for more information.


das interface - dual.pdf